You asked, we answered.

Q: What are your favorite foods?


Q: Why vegan?

A: The number of people going vegan has been skyrocketing over the past few years. Everyone has their own reasons, but for us it started off with finding out about some of the negative effects animal products have on our bodies and our planet. We drastically reduced meat intake at that point. We then started digging more and more into what happens to the animals that are raised for meat and dairy consumption and at that point we realized that the only way for us was to go vegan.

Q: How do you get your protein?

A: The one question every vegan will get at least once .... or a thousand times ... in their lives, but surprisingly, it's very simple: Plants have protein. For us personally we get a lot of our protein from leafy greens, nuts, seeds, beans, spirulina, and tempeh. As long as you eat all colors of the rainbow and keep your diet varied you should be fine :)

Q: How do you feel being vegan?

A: Great! We try to eat mostly plants and stay away from packaged foods - but every now and then you gotta treat yo'self ;) When we first went vegan we felt much more energized and alert. We started going to the bathroom more, became more lean, and our skins cleared up and gained a magical glow. We stopped taking pre-workout supplements because we didn't feel the need for them anymore for our workout. Last but most definitely not least, we started caring more. Caring more about the animals. The people around us. The environment. Our health. 

Q: What do you recommend to someone that wants to learn more about Veganism?

A: The plantbased movement is gaining momentum fast, so naturally, the curiosity from non-vegans is following right behind. The main reasons why people go vegan is health, the environment, and the animals. When people ask us about veganism we usually turn to documentaries to show people what we saw that made us go vegan. Below are some of the ones that had the most impact on us:

1. Health: "Forks Over Knifes" - Watch the full film on Netflix or on









2. Environment: "Cowspiracy" - Watch the full film on Netflix or on

3. The animals: "Earthlings" - Watch it on

(we immediately went vegan after this one)