Meet The Faces Behind Three Bunnies

Hey everybunny, 

We finally got our website up and running and figured we should start off by officially introducing ourselves. The faces behind Three Bunnies, Christina and Raymond. If you follow us on Snapchat you've probably seen our faces a few times but for those that don't, we took some pictures just for you.

Our journey to veganism began almost two years ago when one of us saw the trailer to Forks Over Knifes (not even the whole thing). At first we did some research because if you don't eat meat there's gotta be something wrong with you, right? ... We gradually started eating less and less animal products until one day Christina said she wanted to go vegan for a whole year. At first Raymond thought it was a stupid idea; that night we watched Earthlings (If you haven't seen it and are thinking about going plant-pased watch it here We then knew that going vegan was the right decision for ethical, environmental, and health reasons.

And this is where it all started. When you first go vegan you realize that a lot of the things you used to love, you can no longer eat. So we made it our mission to get in the kitchen and veganize all the dishes we didn't want to go without. From there Three Bunnies was born out of the inspiration of our three furry children; Astrea, Nyx, and Thor (Unfortunately, Astrea and Nyx are now watching over us in the kitchen from above).  We started this blog so all of our recipes can be easily found as well as being able to share more of our personal lives with you.



The Faces Behind Three Bunnies


My name is Christina, I'm a Florida native. I was born in Miami and grew up on the East coast of Florida in a small town, living the beach life. For the past four years I've been calling Orlando my home.




My name is Raymond, I was born and raised in Ansbach, Germany. When I was 16 years old I moved to the USA to pursue my dreams and eventually ended up in Orlando.

Initially we planned on writing more about ourselves (individually), until we realized we basically do everything together. We workout together, cook together, explore nature together, take pictures together, run two businesses together ... you get the point. We spend a lot of time together. So we decided to make it about us and what we have planned for this page.


The Future


Our plans for this blog/website is to share more of the things we love with you. Posts about our weekend trips to the beach/springs. Travel posts from wherever we travel to. Food, of course. Basically life. We wanted to split our website into two parts (Travel & Treats) so when you come here you can always find exactly what you're looking for. We hope you join us on our journey if you have any questions feel free to contact us :)

We're keeping this one short for you just to give you a few updates. More coming soon.


Lots of love,

Christina and Raymond






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