"You eat what?!"

So we figured to get things started on the treats part of our website we wanted to take you through a day of what we usually eat. Sometimes when we tell people what we eat they can't believe it because that's not what they are used to eating. "You don't eat meat? What do you eat then?" So here's what we (usually) eat.

The Mornings



We've all been told that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Your tank is empty which is the perfect opportunity to fuel your body with the cleanest foods possible. We usually start off our day by eating raw organic fruits, lots of it, smoothies, or chia puddings. Fruit is ideal because it digests quickly and gives you lots of good nutrition and energy to kick start your day, or for us our morning workouts.




The In-Betweeners


You know all the snacks that we sneak in between meals, After slaying fruit in the mornings we usually have our superfoods (if we have smoothies we just mix them in there). Lately it's been spirulina, chlorella, and wheatgrass (we just got acai in the mail so she'll be joining the club soon) - we just mix it in water and drink it as quickly as possible, trust us, you don't want to sip on it to enjoy it.





Once we get home from the gym it's time to stuff our bodies with more goodies. Lately it's been a juice one the way home from the gym, some nuts and seeds once we get home, and a quick salad or spring rolls. Basically we just try to get lots of veggies in our bodies. Then it's off to go do whatever the day holds.











This is usually the meal we get creative with, and a lot of the times our only cooked meal of the day. We browse the web to find traditional cuisine and then we're here to veganize it. The meals main goal is to enchant our taste buds and to imitate the classic dishes we grew up with that we didn't want to miss out on just because we choose to not eat animal products. 








We hope you're all enjoying your weekend. 


Bon Appétite!


Christina and Raymond 




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