Vegan Chili Mun-Cheeze Fries

January 29, 2017

 Fries! You can serve them with basically anything and get away with it. So we took these golden goodies and spiced them up a notch or two, with our Three Bean Chili and a little bit of vegan queso. We combined all of these components to create our Vegan Chili Mun-Cheeze Fries. 


As soon as we decided on fries we wanted to go the healthier of its two

paths and bake them. From there we wanted to find how to make the perfect crisp for an oven baked fry. Fried are amazing though! There's something about the sound of its crisp when we bite into it that just sends us to the moon. We knew there was a secret to accomplishing that same crisp with an oven baked fry without sending them into the fryer and we believe we finally found that golden little secret to dog pile our Three Bean Chili and queso all on top of. Now who's got the Mun-Cheeze?









2 tbs of olive oil

2 cloves of minced garlic

1 cup of chopped yellow onion

1 cup of chopped green bell pepper

2 minced jalapeños

1 1/2 cups of of chickpeas

1 cup of kidney beans

1 cup of black beans

1 cup of black bean aquafaba 

1/2 cup of tomato paste

1/8 cup of chili powder

1 tsp of cumin

1/2 tsp of chipotle

1/2 tsp of pink Himalayan salt

1/2 tsp of black pepper


6 fry cut russet potatoes 

1 tbs of sugar (our little secret)

2 tbs of olive oil

1/2 tsp of pink Himalayan

1/ tsp of garlic powder






1. In a large pot on medium heat add olive oil, garlic, and onion. Stir for about 3-4 minutes and add in green bell pepper along with jalapeños. Stir occasionally for about five minutes and add beans, aquafaba, and tomato paste. Stir until tomato paste is evenly distributed through mixture.

2. Mix in seasonings and lower heat to medium low. Allow chili to simmer covered for about 30 minutes. Next grab cut potatoes and place in small bowl. Add sugar and stir well with hands making sure sugar is evenly distributed. Set bowl aside and allow to sit for 30 minutes. This will extract all the moisture and starch out of the fries and give it that crispiness. 

3. Once fries are ready, preheat oven to 375 F. Dry fries with a towel and place onto a baking sheet. Place fries in oven for 20 minutes, flipping halfway thru. Once chili is done remove from heat. 

4. Once fries are golden (after about 20 minutes), pile them on a plate, add chili and queso and enjoy :) (and for those of you who dare ...garnish with sliced jalapeños ;) 


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